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Our expertise

“we’ll tell you what you need to hear – not just what you want to hear.”


Startup businesses are challenging even for the most positive entrepreneurs. Yes, your idea is great and innovative, yet from an accountant’s point of view there are things you must do. These ensure the project is sound and can be likely turned into reality. At AccuBooks, We want you to be successful, therefore we help you plan to avoid potential pitfalls. (Read More…)

Book-Keeping & Accounting


AccuBooks can assist you whether you want the most basic form of Book-Keeping & Accounting, profit and loss account and balance sheet through to highly bespoke management accounts, financial projection & budgeting or other forms of measuring, monitoring and reporting & compliances to keep your business healthy and well managed.(Read More…)



Financial Management has always been challenge for Small Enterprises, start-ups and big company. To start a new business, expand an existing business or to make up for a short fall in operating capital, a project finance or business loan may be required in all of these circumstances. Our dedicated team with expert knowledge help you to arrange Funds and its management.(Read More…)

One Stop Startup Solution


AccuBooks help entrepreneurs launch and grow new ventures. We do this by giving entrepreneurs the tools and resources they need to achieve their goals. Think of us as your start-up executives for hire. Most importantly, we speak the language of start-up, especially regarding finance and business development. (Read More…)



Structuring your business affairs in a tax efficient manner is the key to sustainable growth. Traditionally, smaller accountancy firms concentrate on providing compliance related services in the field of Income tax & GST leaving advisory services to big firms. AccuBooks aim to fill this gap and provide advice at a price that small to medium sized business could afford. (Read More…)

HR & Other Services


Your balance sheet may not have any line items on your employees’ enthusiasm, engagement or energy. However, these intangible factors are crucial to performance. The right & tax effective remuniration can lead to sustainably optimized performance of employees. How you design and deliver this cornerstone of the employee value proposition is critical to attract and retain the workforce. (Read More…)



For a quick calculation of your expenses, send us your info, by filling out the form below. Our accounting experts will build you the best possible offer for your business to run as smooth as it can.