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HR Solutions

Employee benefit plans are a great way to provide your employees with tax-deferred savings opportunities for retirement. As an employer, providing a plan helps retain talented workers and gives you the edge needed to attract qualified new employees. However, creating and maintaining employee benefit plans to comply with government regulations can be daunting without the assistance of a trusted partner like AccuBooks.



Outsourcing payroll means that you can maintain control while delegating administration to a professional to ensure accuracy in the job as your workforce starts to multiply. AccuBooks provide payroll services to suite for employee satisfaction as well as company satisfaction. (Read More…)

PF & ESI Compliance

ROC Filing

Our accounts team will calculate employees’ tax, Provident Fund and ESI contributions and adjust these for sickness leave. We will send the final payroll calculations for your approval and then provide you with paper payslips to pass on to your staff or electronic versions which can be emailed directly to your employees.

Manpower Solution


You know hiring is important, but when do you actually have the time to focus on it? With rapidly changing scenario, a shallow talent pool and limited time available, your hunt for the perfect candidate leaves you feeling both overworked and overwhelmed. AccuBooks allow you to gauge the fit of an employee before you hire, aka “try before you buy”.

Recruitment Services


Your mobility success hinges on your ability to strike the right balance: to find the right people and put them in the right places, at the right cost, at the right time. AccuBooks map out effective talent strategies that are tailored to your organization’s unique goals, using our talent management and planning resources to help you select candidates, place them in your target regions, and iron out assignment details. 

Training & Development


Educated and trained employees are long-term assets. They are more engaged, productive, and committed to their work and career path with their employer. Engaged, satisfied, employees unquestionably are more productive. We have the tools to improve the engagement of your workforce. AccuBooks curated collections ensure compliance and help companies attract, manage, train, and retain the best employees.

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