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A Project Report is a living document that maps out the details of your business. It covers what your business will sell, how it will be structured, what the market looks like, how you plan to sell your product or service, what funding you’ll need, what your financial projections are, and which permits, leases, and other documentation will be required.

At its core, a Project Report helps you prove to yourself and others whether or not your business idea is worth pursuing. It’s the best way to take a step back, look at your idea holistically, and solve for issues years down the road before you start getting into the weeds.

Our financial experience is available to you to help you put together a well-considered Project Report which will allow you to plan and formulate realistic and accurate forecasts. We also have tie up with legal and marketing consultants to assist with key non-financial aspects of a well rounded Project Report.

Project Reports to help raise money

For businesses looking to raise external investment, a good Project Report can often mean the difference between attracting interest in the first place or not. A good plan is essential for credibility. Banks and other 3rd party funders are also likely to expect a Project Report and a poor one, whether due to the accounting aspects not being correct or thought through or other aspects, will reduce your chances of a successful application significantly.

We recommend that as part of the financial part of a Project Report, a projected cash flow statement and balance sheet will need to be prepared.

How to write a Project Report?

The starting point is generally to consider why you are writing your Project Report – plans will be different depending on whether they are for an internal or external audience or perhaps both and can also depend hugely on the business stage reached and different industry or sector. As an example, a start up Project Report will generally be very different from a plan prepared for a growing business seeking significant external investment. Project Reports for a manufacturing business will also differ hugely from a plan for Service.

Project Report must be viable.

The lending institution, be it a bank or financial institution, has to examine the viability of every project it finances.