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To start a new business, expand an existing business or to make up for a short fall in operating capital, a project finance or business loan may be required in all of these circumstances.

For running an industry or a Concern, two types of capital are required viz., fixed capital (long term fund i.e equity, Term Loan, Debenture etc.) and working capital. Fixed Capital is utilized for acquiring the fixed assets such as land, building, plant & machinery, etc., and to meet capital expenditure connected with the setting to keep the wheels moving up of the industry or Concern.

What we do:

  • Help the company to find out the right kind of debt and the right mix of debt and equity to fund the operations

  • Co-ordinate/tie-up with bank/Financial Institution to arrange the debt for them.

  • Prepare the CMA keeping in view the required facility and achievable projection

  • Prepare Detailed Project Report keeping in view the viability of the project

  • Appraisal of loan proposal before submission to the lenders (to minimise the time taken by bank/Financial Institution for their own appraisal

  • Advise the company for reduction of pricing and prepare appraisal for pricing

  • Assist the company in appraisal at next renewal/enhancement