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Company formation is the process of registering a business as a limited or unlimited company at Registrar of Companies. As a result, the business becomes a distinct legal entity. The process is also referred to as ‘company incorporation’ and ‘company registration’. When you incorporate a company, it becomes a separate entity in the eyes of the law. Incorporated businesses are completely separate from their owners in terms of finances, liabilities, contractual agreements, and ownership of property and assets.

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Why would I register a limited company?

Generally, the main reason to register a limited company is to reduce the financial responsibility of the people who own the business. This protection is known as ‘limited liability’. Private companies can be limited by shares or limited by guarantee.

The owners of a company limited by shares are only liable for the value of their shares. The owners of a company limited by guarantee are only liable for the value of their guarantees. Their personal finances and assets are protected beyond the limit of their liabilities. This is not the case for un-incorporated business structures. Sole traders, for example, are wholly liable for all business debts and liabilities because there is no legal or financial distinction between the individual person and the business.

Aside from the obvious benefits of personal financial protection, limited company formation creates a professional corporate image and allows business owners to manage their personal remuneration in a more tax-efficient manner. Furthermore, limited status gives the impression of an established and reliable business. As a result, incorporated businesses are more attractive to investors, lenders, clients and suppliers.

Registering as a limited company is, therefore, an effective and affordable way to further the potential of a fledgling or existing business, attract more favourable tax rates and appeal to a wider audience.

What we do at AccuBooks:

  • Company & LLP formation.
  • Registrations and set-up Compliances under Company & LLP Law, Income Tax and GST.
  • Filing, registering any documents including forms, returns and applications by and on behalf of the company as an authorized representative.
  • Assistance in opening Bank Accounts and fund raising.
  • Drafting Business Plan for Fund Raising
  • Formation of 100% Subsidiary Company/LLP in India.
  • Formation of foreign entities and India Entry Services.
  • Consultancy in FEMA/FDI related issues.
  • E-filing with ROC.
  • Co-ordination of board/general meetings and follow-up actions thereof.
  • Regulatory updating and intimation for timely compliance.
  • Change in structuring – compliance for Corporate Law, Income Tax and other regulatory authorities