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The Dream Starts here...........

Startup businesses are challenging even for the most positive entrepreneurs. Yes, your idea is great and innovative, yet from an accountant’s point of view there are things you must do. These ensure the project is sound and can be likely turned into reality. At AccuBooks, We want you to be successful, therefore we help you plan to avoid potential pitfalls.

Start-up Advisory

Starting a business involves a whole lot of moving pieces, some more exciting than others. Brainstorming business names? Fun! Filing taxes? … Not so fun. The trick to successfully getting your business off the ground is to meticulously plan and organize your materials, prioritize properly, and stay on top of the status and performance of each and every one of these moving parts. (Read More…)

COMPANY Formation

Registration of a company is very important for a  company because without the registration a company cannot have the legal entity. By law, a limited company has its separate legal entity and this is very important for the owner of the company that he or she needs to have the authentication of the concerning company. A private limited company is the commonly adopted and important entity in the small, medium and large businesses. India has the importance in this fact because of the different advantages and benefits.

NGO Registration

NGO may be defined as association having a definite cultural, educational, economical, religious and social association organisation. Whatever profit they may earn from economic activities are re-invested or spent on appropriate non-profit activities. Tas oriented and driven by people with common interest, NGO do a variety of services and humanitarian function. NGO registration is indeed  a blessing for the society.

Partnership Formation

A Partnership is an agreement between two or more people, express or implied, to conduct certain business activities. The parties to a partnership may be individuals, corporations, and even other partnerships. Partnerships may be General partnershipsLimited partnerships, and Limited Liability Partnership. We help you in creation of partnership deed keeping in veiw the tax and other benefit.

MSME Registration

Micro, Small & Medium enterprises (MSME) is the pillar of economic growth in many developed and developing countries in the world. Registration of an MSME is not legally mandatory but registering will help you reap several benefits from the government including subsidize RoI, incentives on products for exports, excise exemption, statutory aid such as reservations and interest on delayed payments. MSME Registration is known as Udyog Aadhar Registration from the 2015.

Trade Mark Registration

Registering your trademark is the quickest and most cost-effective way to ensure legal exclusivity for the use of your name or logo etc. Registering a trademark for your business or product name is similar to obtaining a certificate of title in relation to land.Registering your trademark significantly reduces the risk of being prevented from using your name or logo by other traders. Contact AccuBooks to register your trademark.